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Kolleg St. Blasien
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Dear sports enthusiasts of Jesuit schools in Europe!

Building on the tradition started when the Italian Province organised the first competition, Saveriadi, in 2006, in 2012 the German Province of the Society of Jesus will be continuing the promotion of sports championship for national representatives of Jesuit schools in Europe.

The aim of this sports tournament is for our pupils to get an opportunity to meet each other; to learn how similar and different we are within our common educational framework; to get a taste of Ignatian spirituality and to challenge each other in fair play at sports events, as well as to visit some places in our beautiful home region called "Black Forest".

The tournament will last one week and the participants will visit St. Blasien, celebrate a communal Mass in the Dome there and enjoy a wide variety of other activities.

We’re delighted to welcoming you at Kolleg St. Blasien and are looking forward to exciting and interesting competitions.

Pater Klaus Mertes SJ
- Director of Kolleg St. Blasien -